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On the flyer for the Crawl currently wall-papering Camden, at the very bottom in coquettish, teasing orange letters, are the words: PLUS VERY SPECIAL GUESTS TO BE ANNOUNCED. This speaks to me, dear reader, of the usual Camden Crawl Surprise, the big, unexpected, hyped act from which the festival pulls a velvet throw a few days before the event itself. It’s as close to a ‘ta-da!’ moment that you get in festivals, and the Crawl have traditionally done it very, very well.

Indeed, this year’s bill is – as I’ve said everywhere on the internet – the best in years. And it’s announcement has been beautifully managed, too – lots of separate drip-feeds of acts, and all done at just the right time to maximise excitement. You almost wonder if the team behind the festival has outdone itself: the line-up has such breadth and depth, and such a high quotient of great acts already, that it’s hard to imagine another band doing the rounds that would fit the bill. I can’t imagine for a second that this year of all years we’ll get a left-field announcement of the latest bubble-gum act or shiny popster; that would be the wrong sort of surprise for this most eclectic, even edgy, of Crawl line-ups.

So where does that leave us? I’ve been doing a bit of digging on Twitter and elsewhere for bands who are around. Death From Above 1979, as regular readers of this blog will know are about that weekend; so are Chromeo. Both are acts I’ve tipped for the bill before, and particularly DFA79 could still, I suppose, be announced as the very special guest – although that might risk anticlimax. DFA79 are big amongst their fans, who’d be very excited indeed, but would it have the impact a late announcement should? Not sure.

That’s what I was interested to see this tweet from Tinchy Stryder: “Next week I’m announcing a very special very intimate one off London show. Full band. Small venue. May. Stay tuned ;-)” That would be an announcement around the right time, about a gig at about the right time. Tinchy Stryder is also the sort of act the festival might book this year – very big right now, but not without having lost his credibility. TS is one of the few acts around who could out-hype the currently boiling Odd Future hype.

Hmm. There are my thoughts so far … more listening to come …


Whispers are everywhere about tomorrow’s Crawl announcements. Here’s what I’m hearing and thinking:

Long-term readers will know that I’ve been predicting for a while that Death From Above 1979 will play the Crawl: reformed at last, they’re in town at the right time – they’re playing the HMV Forum just a few days after the Crawl. They’re also a perfect band for the Crawl in other ways – especially this year’s bill, which is so eclectic and – dare I say it – so cool.

Having said that, has anyone noticed that hip hop darlings Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are playing Reading this year? They’re also playing Primavera in Spain just days before the Crawl, and have recently done SXSW, a festival frequented by a lot of confirmed Crawl acts (and, admittedly, everyone else in the music world ever). If Odd Future are finally breaking out of LA more regularly, again the Crawl would be an ideal festival for them, focusing as it does on emerging talent and the latest sounds.

I’m also not totally abandoning my Chromeo idea: they’re playing all over, and are on at the O2 the night of the royal wedding (that is, the night before the Crawl begins) – a bit of electrofunk could be just what the bill needs, and again they’d feel spot on for the atmosphere and aesthetic of the festival.

So, too, would another reformed act, though: last year saw Gang of Four play, and, now I’ve accepted they won’t be playing again this year, there’s another similar band I’m placing my money on. Killing Joke have had a golden age since their original line-up reformed a few years ago, and they released their first new album together at the end of last year. I can’t imagine a more suitable band to please the Gang of Four crowd which is also currently available …

We’ve all known the Crawl are keeping acts back – they do it every year, but this year I think to even greater effect. The bill so far announced is easiest the fullest, most eclectic range of music and artists the festival’s played host to in years, and really embodies what this festival should be about. Anyone who’s ever been tempted to do the Crawl should choose this year to go – there’s a raft of ace bands, new music, and sounds for absolutely everyone. But, but, but – there’s always room for more, right?

The rumour mill that’s served me sort of OK in the past (it fingered the Comedy Crawl stuff, and not a few of the bands prior to the official announcements. So I’m confident that the below are correct, and will be announced by the Crawl in due course. Let’s see:

Slow Club

This one’s a no brainer – the band have pre-announced their appearance on their MySpace, despite the Crawl keeping decidedly schtum. Everyone’s favourite boy-girl duo (yes, I’m including She & Him) will bring a certain relaxed chic to the festival, and if the rumour’s proved true – and, let’s be honest, it’s practically official – they may well be immediately promoted to my must-see list.


Fresh from their appearance in a remake of Time Bandits for tall people, Razorlight are going to play the Crawl. No, I’m telling you: Razorlight will be on the bill for this year’s Camden Crawl. Really, seriously. As with everyone else (except for some of the Koko announcements – British Sea Power etc.), I’m not yet sure *where* they’ll be playing, but this is a rumour I’m pretty much sure about.

More Crawl Announcements Leaked

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Line-Up
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So here’s the first of a new round of announcements, made before the Crawl have made it: Yasmin, she of self-made mega DJ fame, has posted to her website that she’s playing the festival on Sunday. No word from the Crawl itself yet, which suggests to me that the rumours I’m hearing about more and bigger names around the corner are spot on … a bit more ferreting required, and then more tomorrow…

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Best. Line-up. In Years.

The Crawl is to announce its initial evening line-up this Wednesday – no doubt to howls of derision from some quarters, since we’ve been left waiting so long that some people will simply not want to be pleased. I’ve been having some conversations with friendlier people on Twitter, though, who have every faith in the Crawl to do right by us. Certainly those rumours I wrote about on Friday all sound good to me – though I notice Frankie and the Heartstrings got dissed in the Observer on Sunday.

Over on FaceBook, Kilto Take and Karl Phillips & The Midnight Ramblers are getting namedrops as potential contenders – not rumours I’d heard, but I can see the logic. I’m trying to squeeze some more rumours out of the mill as I type … Keep your eyes peeled …

I keep getting a knowing silence on my Gang of Four theory, and I’m sticking to it: just the sort of ‘prestige’ band the Crawl could book without losing its credibility, and I’m sensing that ‘cred’ is the watch-word for this year’s festival – no more Strickland Banks or Heidi Range. So don’t be disappointed if Mumford & Sons, or their current equivalent on the bubbling-under scene, aren’t on the bill – I really don’t think that’s the vibe the Crawl is going to go for this year. If you trawl through the artists they’re following over on Twitter, it’s a lot of small-to-medium-sized indie bands, even a few rock or industrail acts; look, too, at the line-ups for the CC Tips gigs – there’s something of the achingly cool about the line-up for February, with Paris Suit Yourself or Spectrals. Even Patch William have the air of the elite around them.

I’m going to do some ferretting for concrete rumours … but there’s my sense of things so far. Anyone got any thoughts?

The grapevine is aquiver (not atwitter, that would be a different thing) with news and/or rumours (depending on your point of view) about the Comedy Crawl’s line-up. I’d have expected it already to be announced, to be honest – but we’re still waiting. The rumours swirling around make for exciting listening, though. The glory of an anonymous blog is that I can share them, dear readers, with you.

What I like about the Comedy Crawl is that its ethos is almost identical to the music arm of the Crawl weekend: give up and coming bands a big stage to get heard on, and support that with a sprinkling of bigger names who can bring the punters in. It’s a tried and tested method and hats off as always to the Crawl for supporting the sorts of performers who don’t always get that helping hand. (Mostly, though, thanks to them for letting us punters get up close and personal with so many exciting new acts. Ahem.)

On which note, I’ve heard that low down on the bill are types like Rachel Anderson, Eric Lampaert, Andy Pugsley and Celia Pacquola: all young, all new, all up-and-coming. A weekend’s worth of comedy of this sort would be worth the price of the ticket on its own, but, if what I hear is right, then the headliners are going to close the deal for a lot of people.

I’m hearing Rufus Hound, people. If there’s a whistleblower out there willing to confirm or deny, great – but the rumour mill is churning …