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The Crawl’s Twitter team are going giveaway crazy – in fact, the whole of Twitter seems to want to give us as many chances as possible to win tickets to the festival. That’s ignoring the News of the World, Love Camden, Punch Bowl and Gaymers itself, all of which are offering their own competition to win weekend tickets.

You might remember the good old days of Facebingo, when I had to turn over Facebook to find small pictures to cut and paste onto a form; these new competitions require no such gargantuan effort – the News of the World’s is a ‘put your name in the hat’ sort of thing, whilst Love Camden just want you to list your favourite bands. I like these sort of competitions.

The Crawl, meanwhile, are asking fans of particular artists to retweet a given string of 140 characters on Twitter (yesterday the fanbase in question Lethal Bizzle‘s); on Facebook, they’re asking you to leave your name as a comment beneath a given wall post (it was on Hadouken’s page yesterday). Very, very easy ways to win tickets to the best Crawl line-up in aaaaaaages, as I’m know to call it – and it looks like they’re planning to keep it up for the next few days at least. So tune in, and enter … I have my tickets already, but I already have …


Good to see such good online vibes about last night’s CC Tips gig – again, a major coup for the Crawl to get We Are Scientists headlining, and very nice to see them involving everyone in the process via Twitter. On Facebook, meanwhile, they’re a bit more cagey – in the way of that site, which is changing the way we all think of ourselves so that each and every one of us self-presents as if we’re perpetually 19, you have to ‘like’ someone or something before you can get close to them.

This means that a bunch of happy, lovely content the Crawl are offering to their online friends only gets offered to, well, their online friends. Not quite the freedom of information offering by the internet, is it? The Zuckernet is a foreign social network; they do things differently there.

Casting myself as the Julian Assange of hipsterish cliques, then, here’s what the Crawl are currently offering to their fans…

A video from Benjamin Francis Leftwich:

And a rather lovely one from John and Jehn:

In addition, there’s a tune from Becoming Real and that old viral video from Hadouken! A few treats in there for fans of this fan …

At long last: the line-up. Mostly, I’m smug that the rumours I leaked last week all turned out to be true, and I’m already looking forward to catching a bunch of them at the Crawl. But there’s a few other remarks to make:

  • The lack of big names. Is Villagers the biggest act on the bill? Saint Etienne may have some claim, too, but they’re not quite as current as Conor O’Brien. I know the Crawl tends to keep its big guns in reserve, and announce exciting special special guests closer to the date. (There’s my next rumour-mongering task, I suppose.) But this still seems a defiantly ‘alternative’ (how I hate that word) list: there’s a tiny amount of disappoointment on Twitter, misguided I think, because of this; but I reckon new music on the edge is what the Crawl is for. I’m excited.
  • The breadth of genres. This is an obvious one, of course – the Crawl has traditionally been good at spanning a wider range of music types than many festivals, often to hilarious effect. But here’s a bill with Tom Williams and the Boat and SBTRKT, Chickenhawk and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. That is wicked. For everyone who hates Hadouken, there’s a King Blues; for those not so keen on Toddla T, go see Cate Le Bon. It’s perfectly pitched – there’ll be something for everyone in the evenings. Kudos.
  • The wait. We’ve all been bitching about this, but hasn’t it been pretty damn clever? All the other festivals – Great Escape, Wychwood – have farted out their line-ups and there’s been nary a peep. The Crawl line-up has really generating a bit of a stir, at least in my corner of the interwebs. We’ve waited for it, and now it’s here – with some top-notch, uber-cool bands on the poster. They’ve played it with a very clever balance of marketing nous and musical knowledge.

I’m not an exciteable person, but today has been a good day … What do you lot think?