Win Camden Crawl Tickets

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Competitions
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The Crawl’s Twitter team are going giveaway crazy – in fact, the whole of Twitter seems to want to give us as many chances as possible to win tickets to the festival. That’s ignoring the News of the World, Love Camden, Punch Bowl and Gaymers itself, all of which are offering their own competition to win weekend tickets.

You might remember the good old days of Facebingo, when I had to turn over Facebook to find small pictures to cut and paste onto a form; these new competitions require no such gargantuan effort – the News of the World’s is a ‘put your name in the hat’ sort of thing, whilst Love Camden just want you to list your favourite bands. I like these sort of competitions.

The Crawl, meanwhile, are asking fans of particular artists to retweet a given string of 140 characters on Twitter (yesterday the fanbase in question Lethal Bizzle‘s); on Facebook, they’re asking you to leave your name as a comment beneath a given wall post (it was on Hadouken’s page yesterday). Very, very easy ways to win tickets to the best Crawl line-up in aaaaaaages, as I’m know to call it – and it looks like they’re planning to keep it up for the next few days at least. So tune in, and enter … I have my tickets already, but I already have …

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