Making a list ...

There’s too much on the bill to listen to everything – though Twitter types like @mclerce have been drawing up Spotify playlists like these, which really help. But given this year’s bill is the best the festival’s had in years, and that even in the small print it has bands that deserve to be on your must-see list, it’s been a bit daunting getting up to speed on everyone. The obsessive perfectionist in me, of course, wants to ensure I see not just the bands I know, but the bands I should know – discovering new music is part of going to the Camden Crawl, so investigating the tunes of bands you haven’t heard of before, much less heard anything by, seems the respectful thing to do.

Bands I’d not listened to before, but now really need to see, include Treetop Flyers, Dry The River, and Tom Williams and the Boat. I’d hardly been familiar with the music of Marques Tolliver, Divorce, or Bear’s Den, either – but they, too, are fighting for their place at the top of my itinerary. Much of this is dependent on receiving the programme, obviously – but hearing new music is never a waste of time, right? Who else has made new favourite band discoveries via the bill?

Incidentally, one new entry into my putative wishlist is Young Dreams, who have an exclusive track posts on the Fan Only area of the Crawl’s Facebook page. It’s called ‘Silly Love’, and it’s a bit beautiful. Go over, have a listen – and add more bands to that long, long list…

  1. Erin says:

    I went to see Carl Barat last week and Fpreign Office were supporting. I thought i had heard the name before and when i got home i checked and they are on the Camden bill! They’re very, very good live so i cant wait to see them again 🙂

  2. Leonie (aka mclerce) says:

    Yay, I’m a twitter type! Thanks for mentioning my Spotify list 😉

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