The Camden Crawl Announcements Won’t Stop

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Line-Up
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Heading to Camden ...

Some very fine announcements about the Crawl today – although I notice not from them. Xfm have been given the scoop, although I humbly submit that it was this very blog which first had it: Razorlight, Guillemots and Slow Club are all indeed on the bill. No mention of Death From Above 1979, alas, but also announced are Miles Kane and The Lemonheads. Wolfgang are also a new name on the bill.

This looks to me like beginning to bring the full picture into view. There’s almost certainly a few announcements left – and no doubt online and offline sources are already abuzz with rumours – but the character of this line-up is already set: eclectic, energetic and diverse. I’m seeing a lot of positive comment about this choice, since it’s so obviously the niche the Crawl should fill in the festival season – loads of new acts supported by the best, most creative of the more established bands and artists. There are must-sees on this bill than you could possibly see in a single weekend, and that is a sign of a very good bill indeed.

I started out on this blogging project unsure whether I’d have enough content, and how the Crawl would tackle booking this year’s acts. On the first front, I’ve been pleasatly surprised … on the second, blown away. Hyperbole? I think not! Kudos, Camden Crawl. Kudos.


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