New Crawl Acts for Announcement

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Line-Up
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On Twitter, the Crawl team have confirmed that this week will see a slew of new announcements. They’re playing these ones very close to their collective chest, which suggests some big names may be included. Last week, I heard whispers that both Razorlight and Slow Club would be announced; will these be proved right this week? The Crawl’s bill so far is monstrous, and rumours doing the rounds online and offline suspect it’s only going to get better – loads of cherries still to come for this particularly delicious cake. As I’ve already written, there’s a real depth and breadth to the bill this year, which is surely the best and most eclectic in years: lots of genres represented, music brand new and established, and yet no sop to the stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb commercialism of  V-type booking. Very excited.

So Razorlight and Slow Club would fit right in here, as would another act I figured out over Twitter last week is pretty much certain to announce: Guillemots wound up joining in a conversation about getting booked for the Crawl which involved both Slow Club and Razorlight; even if none of them actually said ‘yes we’re playing’, the vibes were farly obvious. So look for those names coming out from the Crawl this week – and don’t forget my Death From Above 1979 and Chromeo suspicions. They haven’t been mentioned anywhere else, but you never know …


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