Predicting More Crawl Artists

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Line-Up, Planning
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The subject means two things, of course: predicting more who might play, and predicting those I might see. The more you dive into this year’s bill, the more riches there are to uncover … diverse, new music is what the Crawl should be about – this is easily the strongest Crawl line-up in years, and the team behind it should be bursting with the proudest pride.

Special Guests

Sometimes, and especially on Twitter, the Crawl team comments in some way, shape or form on my guesses and rumour-mongering – other times, the artists themselves confirm for them. I’ve had no take-up at all on either my Chromeo or Death From Above 1979 theories. I’m particularly warming to the latter, but in the absence of any word at all we can only conclude one of two things: I’m spot on or way, way off base. Will try again to drum something up on this front later…

Must-see List

Further exploration of the ‘blogosphere’ (how we must all hate that word and all its works) has led me to add a few acts to last week’s provisional list.

Treetop Flyers

For a band with a song called ‘A Long Cold Winter’, this is a band with a healthy dose of sun in their music, like a Fleet Foxes less interested in dodgy choral music. I’ve got a soft spot for mid-nineties – The Jayhawks, Wilco, Nadine – and Treetop Flyers seem to take a lot of inspiration from that movement. That means, too, of course, that you can hear strains of Mumford and Magic Numbers in there, which may or may not be as welcome – when there’s a soupcon of Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams in the mix for good measure, however, almost anything can be forgiven. Definitely one to look out for on the running order.

Piney Gir

Sticking with the country theme for just a moment more, Piney Gir’s brand of sexed-up classic hillbilly pop is a thing of quirky beauty, and songs which sound on the surface like the stuff your grandparents listened to on the tapedeck of their Cortina in fact curl and crumple at the edges into quite different shapes. Coupled with a carefully planned stage style – like Betty Boop chanelling Patsy Cline – and you have the makings of one of the funnest sets the Crawl will host. Particularly worth your time earlier in the evening, just as you get going.


With a name designed principally to frustrate music journalists typing against a deadline, and an online fanbase willing to promote them to the rafters, Dananananakroyd will almost certainly deliver one of the festival’s most energetic, crowd-pleasing sets: all singalong choruses and verses ripe for some old-fashioned pogoing. They’re a wry little band with a sly little name – and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them play the same venue as Dinosaur Pile-up … which would be quite the double act. Get there early.


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