Secret Guests at the Crawl?

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Line-Up
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My call for the Crawl

The Crawl always always leaves a big announcement until last. Its secret guest is usually a big act with a large following but nevertheless one which fits into the overall ethos of the festival – so last year it was Pendulum (I say that positively, though I wasn’t convinced myself), and it’s never ever going to be Beady Eye.

That leaves me wondering who it might be. The special guest surely doesn’t change anyone’s mind in terms of buying a ticket – it’s often announced too late to occasion a significant swell in public demand – but it’s nice to think of it as a reward, as the coup de grace, as the cherry on the cake. The choice might even go as far to tell you a lot about the character of the Crawl in that year.

The Crawl isn’t, alas, magic. Its choices are generally limited to the bands doing the circuit in any given year. Regular readers will know that I’m disappointed Gang of Four didn’t get on the bill again – even I, a die-hard supporter of my own theory, don’t think they’ll be the special guests, though. That needs to go to a non-repeat, gigging act who are around at the moment.

On which note: Chromeo and Death From Above 1979 are both in town over the weekend, and are both up the Crawl’s street. I’d be particularly excited to see the freshly reunited Death From Above on the bill – I bought You’re A Woman I’m A Machine for a friend’s birthday once, and I’m not sure their ears have yet forgiven me. They can be relentless, but that’s another way of saying demoniacally energetic.

What do people think?

  1. Alan Crosby says:

    Bring Me The Horizon and N-Dubz are both in town around about then… BMTH are big enough to make the step up, as Biffy did a couple of years ago. N-Dubz are the rank outsiders, but then again, I wouldn’t’ve put Sugababes on the line-up the other year either…

  2. amber says:


  3. camdenfan says:

    Alan, do you think this year’s Crawl’s trying to draw a line under the Sugababes era? It feels an edgier, more eclectic line-up this year, no Plan Bs and all that … BMTH an interesting idea, but agree special guest status would be a step up for them.

    Amber, couldn’t agree more – more I think about it, more I’d love it to be them!

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