New Crawl Acts To Confirm?

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Line-Up
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This picture posted tp Twitter by the Crawl yesterday makes one of the big secrets pretty clear: Ultrasound will be on of this year’s special guests. I don’t know I feel about that yet – but there are a lot of people who remember them very fondly indeed. Good/bad? Twitter will decide when it’s confirmed, no doubt …

Meanwhile, I’m hearing that there’s more to come. It’s worth re-emphasising the the bill as it stands isn’t big enough to fill a weekend. Nor is the bill plus Ultrasound. On both their Twitter and Facebook, the Crawl are playing their cards close to their test – and, ironically, those pages have been by far the best place to hear any unofficial rumours about who will be playing. And yet – wait! – what is this from yesterday?

Simian Mobile Disco, British Sea Power, Team, Ghost, Young Legionnaire were not on the original bill. No word from the Crawl itself yet … but how long until these are announced?


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