Great Announcements, More To Come

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Line-Up
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A nice little flourish from the Crawl today: they seem to be making announcements rather cannily, and with an eye on how things have changed in the last few years in terms of news gathering: that NME leak aside, what the Crawl is doing is rolling out a line-up in order to keep the punters interested, rather than splurging out the whole bill in one go and with a great trumpeting which will have long since drifted off on the wind when the festival actually takes place.

The festival is only about six weeks away, of course – and still they tease that there’s more for them to tell us. Very wise. And, let’s be honest, British Sea Power is probably a bigger and better name than anyone else on the bill bar Villagers. They’re an exciting and inventive live act who are absolutely always worth watching and enjoy the affection of a rabid fanbase to boot. Their addition to the bill is a stroke of genius – as is the means of its announcement.

Kudos, I’m really liking the whole style of the Crawl this year. The substance, of course, waits to be tested on the bank holiday weekend …


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