At long last: the line-up. Mostly, I’m smug that the rumours I leaked last week all turned out to be true, and I’m already looking forward to catching a bunch of them at the Crawl. But there’s a few other remarks to make:

  • The lack of big names. Is Villagers the biggest act on the bill? Saint Etienne may have some claim, too, but they’re not quite as current as Conor O’Brien. I know the Crawl tends to keep its big guns in reserve, and announce exciting special special guests closer to the date. (There’s my next rumour-mongering task, I suppose.) But this still seems a defiantly ‘alternative’ (how I hate that word) list: there’s a tiny amount of disappoointment on Twitter, misguided I think, because of this; but I reckon new music on the edge is what the Crawl is for. I’m excited.
  • The breadth of genres. This is an obvious one, of course – the Crawl has traditionally been good at spanning a wider range of music types than many festivals, often to hilarious effect. But here’s a bill with Tom Williams and the Boat and SBTRKT, Chickenhawk and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. That is wicked. For everyone who hates Hadouken, there’s a King Blues; for those not so keen on Toddla T, go see Cate Le Bon. It’s perfectly pitched – there’ll be something for everyone in the evenings. Kudos.
  • The wait. We’ve all been bitching about this, but hasn’t it been pretty damn clever? All the other festivals – Great Escape, Wychwood – have farted out their line-ups and there’s been nary a peep. The Crawl line-up has really generating a bit of a stir, at least in my corner of the interwebs. We’ve waited for it, and now it’s here – with some top-notch, uber-cool bands on the poster. They’ve played it with a very clever balance of marketing nous and musical knowledge.

I’m not an exciteable person, but today has been a good day … What do you lot think?

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