Win We Are Scientists Tickets

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Competitions
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Today was a good day for the team at the Camden Crawl. It started with people whining that the line-up still hadn’t been announced; it ended with a Twitter frenzy about the announcement that We Are Scientists will be headlining this week’s CC Tips gig at the tiny Bull & Gate. That’s a major coup for them – not only a very cool band flagshipping one of their flagship shows, but a very swish way of diverting attention away from the dull wait for a press release.

Predictably, though, those tickets ran out the door like hot cakes – the whole thing was sold out in hours, if not minutes. Another disappointment to lay at the door of the Crawl!

Except you still have hope, my friends … I’ve just spotted that you can win two tickets to CC Tips 5 here.

Te Crawl played today canny indeed…


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