FaceBingo Week 6

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Competitions
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You can find it here; stick it in your grid – downloads here. One of us will win the VIP tix ..

  1. Hellie says:

    Hey, This link is no longer working? 😦
    Will the picture for week 6 come back?

    • camdenfan says:

      You might need to be the curator’s friend or like their page to see the image?

      • Hellie says:

        Hmm, cheers for the tip however I can’t seem to locate the page/group on Facey either. The link from their site leads no where and the link from your post gives me an error saying that the content is not currently available. I’ve tried tweeting them, alas it would appear they are very busy bee’s…
        I guess I’ll just try the crawl and beg for an email with a pdf of week 6?
        The lengths a music fan will go to eh!
        Thanks again

  2. camdenfan says:

    Hellie, I just clicked the text link in my post and had no trouble … maybe the problem’s been fixed?

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