I keep getting a knowing silence on my Gang of Four theory, and I’m sticking to it: just the sort of ‘prestige’ band the Crawl could book without losing its credibility, and I’m sensing that ‘cred’ is the watch-word for this year’s festival – no more Strickland Banks or Heidi Range. So don’t be disappointed if Mumford & Sons, or their current equivalent on the bubbling-under scene, aren’t on the bill – I really don’t think that’s the vibe the Crawl is going to go for this year. If you trawl through the artists they’re following over on Twitter, it’s a lot of small-to-medium-sized indie bands, even a few rock or industrail acts; look, too, at the line-ups for the CC Tips gigs – there’s something of the achingly cool about the line-up for February, with Paris Suit Yourself or Spectrals. Even Patch William have the air of the elite around them.

I’m going to do some ferretting for concrete rumours … but there’s my sense of things so far. Anyone got any thoughts?

  1. Raquel says:

    I’m telling you …. it’s Bieber fever time! 😉

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