This is me. Except for the moustache.

OK, so the Crawl have been teasing like a wizened old coquette today on Twitter, promising line-up announcements next week – next week! – and shamelessly pretending that they’re not keeping us massively in suspense. I’ve got a theory this year’s theme is going to be sadism. All the organisers are going to be whipping us into the venues, our torture in the first two months of this year just not enough for their cruel, fierce, unapologetic joy of pain.

I digress.

I’ve been feretting around various venues, contacts and sheer unadulterated liars, and think I have a list of eight acts that may very very well be playing this year’s Crawl. Rumour is a wonderful thing – but it’s also dangerous, so don’t come round here with burning stakes if I get this wrong. I did all right with the Comedy Crawl, but honestly that was a piece of cake next to the music side of things – I’m nowhere close to figuring out who the headliners are. I still think the special guest will be last year’s Gang of Four, but that’s just a pecadillo of mine. The Crawl have sadism, I have northern post-punk. Deal with it.

My sense here is that Cloud Control, Little Comets and Spectrals will play – last of these is most certain in my mind. The rumours about good old tweepop provocateurs Spectrals match their co-headlining this month’s CC Tips gig, after all.

Here’s another name: Frankie and the Heartstrings. And another two: Hudson Mohawke, Martyna Baker [confirmed]. These are one-shots; I’ve heard their names once while running around the old mill, but they feel right to me somehow – shouldn’t the Crawl be putting on acts like Hudson Mohawke? I can really see the melodrama of Martyna going down well on a Sunday, too. Answers on a postcard. Inevitable crushing disappointment via comments.

Finally, and so I cover as many genres as possible, I reckon Visions of Trees are a good bet: here talk of them in a few quarters, but the Crawl also follow them on Twitter (no, that doesn’t make this rumour tenuous at all – and you can say that for a lot of the others acts, too, like Martyna Baker, Frankie and the Heartstrings etc):

Y/N? Thoughts below, please …

  1. […] mill that’s served me sort of OK in the past (it fingered the Comedy Crawl stuff, and not a few of the bands prior to the official announcements. So I’m confident that the below are right, and will be […]

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