Sea of Bees

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Records
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Sea of Bees is yet another of those band-a-like names masking the noodlings of a singer-songwriter (please see: Badly Drawn Boy, Villagers, even Florence and the blinking Machine); if there’s any better sign of the reputation death that the singer-songwriter genre has undergone than the fact that they now all pretend they’re in bands, I don’t know of it. David Gray, who weirdly managed to win the Live Lounge phone in on Fearne Cotton’s show last week (what’s with that?), probably did for them; but it’s also true that this new breed of troubadors no longer quite fit the acoustic-guitar-and-a-sad-song stereotype.

Certainly not Julie Ann Baenziger, the Californian behind Sea of Bees, whose debut record appeared in the shops this week. You may already have realised, dear reader, that I’m a young fogey when it comes to listening: I like to feel the box in my hand, so to speak; I enjoy a physical relationship with my music. The pretty pictures are nice, too. Songs for the Ravens is your usual trendy cardboard sleeve, and comes out on Heavenly – usually indicating a pleasant, if not entirely awe-inpsiring, listening experience. So it turns out to be: there’s some Americana in there, there’s some indie in there, there’s a bit of AOR in there to keep your dad happy. It’s all right, you know. Buy it.

This post brought to you by the Crawl’s shameless refusal to announce even a single act. Their silence seems a shame, since there’s no way it’s going to be worse than some of the others that have already been announced (the Great Escape, I’m looking at you – mostly because I can’t bring myself to look at Glasto’s Coldplay). How to sell a great line-up when you announce it later than all the others?

Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure, apparently.


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