Heading for Camden?

Some good results last week mean that I’m suddenly more confident in my personal corner of the rumour mill. The Comedy Crawl looks to be shaping up nicely, and I’m now pretty certain not just about the names lower on the bill but also Rufus Hound and Sean Hughes. Add to those headliners Shappi Khorsandi, who is always very good value indeed – again, all these are just names are hearing, but so far so good. There’s a fourth headliner, I think, but I haven’t heard a dickie bird about who that might be – no whispers around Camden at all. Any one got any clues?

Other names I’ve heard include Jason Manford (must, must, must be spurious) and Noel Fielding (mere wish fulfilment, I’m sure). More certain about what’s lower down on the bill: more names like David Reed, Jason Cook, Keith Farnan and Henning Wehn. It’s a rather fine rumoured line-up already – when are the Comedy Crawl going to make the final announcement?

Still, the two Crawls are totally separate events – and according to Twitter the original Camden Crawl will be announcing the initial evening line-up this week. This is under so much better wraps that I’m beginning to get frustrated … will be doing my best to pre-empt them in the days ahead, but not fancying my chances.

I’m good on the comedy, though.


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