Comedy Crawl Rumours…

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Line-Up
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The grapevine is aquiver (not atwitter, that would be a different thing) with news and/or rumours (depending on your point of view) about the Comedy Crawl’s line-up. I’d have expected it already to be announced, to be honest – but we’re still waiting. The rumours swirling around make for exciting listening, though. The glory of an anonymous blog is that I can share them, dear readers, with you.

What I like about the Comedy Crawl is that its ethos is almost identical to the music arm of the Crawl weekend: give up and coming bands a big stage to get heard on, and support that with a sprinkling of bigger names who can bring the punters in. It’s a tried and tested method and hats off as always to the Crawl for supporting the sorts of performers who don’t always get that helping hand. (Mostly, though, thanks to them for letting us punters get up close and personal with so many exciting new acts. Ahem.)

On which note, I’ve heard that low down on the bill are types like Rachel Anderson, Eric Lampaert, Andy Pugsley and Celia Pacquola: all young, all new, all up-and-coming. A weekend’s worth of comedy of this sort would be worth the price of the ticket on its own, but, if what I hear is right, then the headliners are going to close the deal for a lot of people.

I’m hearing Rufus Hound, people. If there’s a whistleblower out there willing to confirm or deny, great – but the rumour mill is churning …

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