CC Tips #6?

Posted: February 1, 2011 in CC Tips
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The Crawl are trailing quite heavily what looks, to be fair, to be a pretty strong line-up for the fifth CC Tips gig, to be held as usual at the Bull and Gate on the 24th of this month: Spectrals, Patch William, Paris Suit Yourself and Frontiers is a roster to be proud of, so I can see what they’re banging on about. (There’s an official playlist here, if you haven’t a clue what one or more of those bands sound like – sort it out.)

But I’ve heard nary a whisper about this. Only an assiduous Google uncovered the news that CC Tips 6 – the last of the shows before the Crawl itself, of course – is to be curated by Amazing Radio. My l33t detecting skills that the March gig will “have live sets from three of the best artists has to offer, alongside a more-established headline act.” They’re keeping the exact line-up under wraps to keep us on our toes, apparently – for which we naturally read that they haven’t a clue just yet.

I’m sort of surprised that an outfit like Amazing Radio are getting such control over an event like the final CC Tips show – but also rather like the idea. Book tickets for both of them, kids…


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