Baseless Suppositions?

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Line-Up
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Who are those masked artists?

“Check back for rumours, official confirmations, news and much more,” insist on their page devoted to the Crawl. Pleasantly enough, they haven’t yet updated the page with the daytime line-up, so we can assume that rumours will be coming thick and fast Any Time Now.

Like all good fannish wannabes, I’ve managed to fenegle my way into the Crawl’s offices on an occassion or two: street teams are managed out of there and that sort of thing, and they are so harried that they’re often grateful for a hand. Last time I was in I failed to be the Julian Assange of metropolitan festivals and absolutely positively failed to catch a glimpse at anything close to a line-up. In part you could assume that’s because, like VirtualFestivals, they know nothing yet. Naturally.

But yesterday the Great Escape made its first line-up announcement for a festival which takes place after the Crawl; so surely somewhere, squirelled underneath a copy of Vice, or possibly tucked away inside their favourite Plan B record, was a piece of paper full of the goodies rumour-mongers like me breathe like oxygen. Which I definitely didn’t see.

Anyway. Who have the Great Escape scored, I hear you ask? Katy B, Warpaint and Villagers head their press release yesterday – not so bad a thing, given Becoming A Jackal was one of the best records of last year. But the Crawl, and rightly so, has always concentrated as much on the acts Q haven’t heard of yet as last year’s Mercury nominees. You might expect them to be casting a beady eye (no, they’re not performing) across bands like Tripwires, Said The Whale, Woodhands, Tribes or The Jezabels. Yes? No?

And here’s a tip: aren’t Gang of Four releasing a new record this year … ?


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