Lazy Sunday

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Me
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Buck up, Camden Crawl: it’s no good making one announcement every few weeks if I’m to keep this site going. As grateful as I am that you announced the daytime fringe line-up the very day after I started this blog, I’ve now gone two days without fresh gossip. You’re just asking for rumour-mongering.

Having a Sunday off is, we all agree, unforgivable. To this end, I’ve spent the afternoon listening to Coltrane live at the Half Note, which is just astounding. In particular, the version of  ‘One Down, One Up’ is terrifying: tumbling improvisation sends the structure shuddering almost entirely out of sight, but time and again Coltrane emerges with a variation on the theme, and the whole whirligig starts up again. A masterclass, simple as. The record was put out on Impulse in 2005. Check it out.

So there’s one day wasted until the next announcement … how long until I start putting it out there that Kenickie are on the reunion circuit in time for the Sunday night? Watch this space…


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