Planning The Festival Already…

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Fringe
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I’m going to promise myself I’ll stop getting over-excited any minute now: I’ve got to do something more productive with my Friday evening.

First, though, been looking at the daytime music line-up a bit more. I’m liking it – just the right mix of the established and the quirk. I could do with more announcements – bet they’re still to come – but my potential highlights (other than Magpie’s Nest, natch) so far:

Reggae Roast are getting a corner of the Crawl, down at Edinboro Castle. They’ve got themselves a great name over the few years they’ve been around, and Saturday day-time is just the right moment for them. Hoping for the right mix od the oldies like Suggs (his set on a bus with Madness at the 2009 Crawl’s still memorable, to be fair) and the latest dubstep…

Andy Ross Presents at the Spread Eagle on both days is probably an extension of his Club Fandango stuff (though isn’t that at the Bull & Gate?) – always well worth a look.

Both Island Records and Rough Trade are in attendance, of course – with a showcase and a pop-up shop (with sessions) respectively. Who won’t be making a bee-line for Rough Trade in particular? Just the sort of on-the-cusp stuff the Crawl should be aiming to encompass.

And something tells me I’ll be needing Harp for Hangovers on Sunday (free music on the site, check it out) …


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