A Sort of Experiment

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Me
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When some friends of mine got struck down by the flu at the end of last April, and couldn’t make it to the Camden Crawl, they were actually, acutely, properly gutted: not the ‘oh well, never mind’ you feel when you can’t make a friend’s gig that evening; not even the ‘there’s a certain amount of money I won’t see again’ when you can’t make that Forum show you saved up all week for; no, this was the apocalyptic raging of the truly disappointed. They probably deserve an award of their own.

All of which is by way of introduction by association: I like the Crawl, too, and this is the time of year when the announcements start coming thick and fast. Lurking around last year, there was plenty of discussion and debate online: let’s be honest, it was mostly about the Sugababes. I had an itch then to take part, but by the time I started to scratch it it seemed too late to bother. This is my attempt to record this year’s prep for the Crawl 2011. Will it be bigger or better? I suppose it might be both, but the Crawl’s always been at its best for me when it’s steered clear of the bigger names.

I guess we’ll see. I say ‘we’ – mostly, it’s just me … is anybody out there?!


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